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ABOUT US / Quality Tents Manufacturers

Tents Manufacturer INDIA, MUMBAI opened its doors in 1994, with our head office and main factory situated in 212, Archary Road, Clairwood Durban, South Africa knz. We noticed a great demand for quality marquee tents in INDIA, and have kept our finger on the pulse of the industry ever since. We offer the highest quality of tents in the country. our company has grown from strength to strength and become a leader in the industry.

Bedouin Stretch Tents

Bedouin Stretch Tents For Sale

Draping Materials

Draping Materials For Sale

Exhibition Tents

Exhibition Tents For Sale

Peg & Pole Tents

Peg & Pole Tents For Sale

Pagoda Tents

Pagoda Tents For Sale

Military Tents

Military Tents For Sale

Wedding Tents

Wedding Tents For Sale

Frame Tents

Frame Tents For Sale

Storage Warehouse Tents

Storage Warehouse Tents For Sale

Tiffany Chairs

Tiffany Chairs For Sale


Tents Manufacturers has been established on 1994 with a clear aim of manufacturing and supplying Tents and Tent accessories in India and worldwide. We make all types of tents which are majorly used in for Party’s, Exhibition, Function, Ceremony, Events, Wedding, Outdoor, Camping, Residential, Commercial and also for Military purpose. We can customize these tents as per the requirement of occasion or clients. The material used in making these tents are of very high standard and can long last for years, especially for Army Tents or Disaster Relief Tents which meets the international standard, you can rely on our company for your entire tent requirement. We are the largest manufacturer and supplier in India and worldwide. We also keep a bulk stock of Disaster Tent, Refugee Tent, Military Tent, Army Surplus Tent, Shelter Tent, Medical Tent, and Relief Tent for an emergency dispatch.

We are a market leader in manufacturing and supplying of tent accessories these include Tiffany Chair, Gold Tiffany Chairs, Black Tiffany Chairs, Silver Tiffany Chairs, Clear Resin Tiffany Chairs, Plastic Chairs, Party Chairs, Ghost Chair, Wimbledon Chairs, Wedding Chairs or Bridal Chairs, Phoenix Chairs, Chair Covers, Plastic Folding Tables, Steel Folding Table, Round Table, Draping Material, Mobile Chillers, Mobile Freezers, Movable Toilets, Tarpaulin Tarps, Flooring and Gas Stoves. This makes us a One Stop Shop for all your requirement of Tent and Tent Accessories. We export Tent and Tent Accessories to countries like Middle East, U.K, Australia, Singapore, U.S.A, Canada, Switzerland, Nepal, Japan, France, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and many more.